Pure Coconut Oil Halwa

The authentic Manjaly Halwa is a jelly-like sweet made in coconut oil, flavored with fruits, nuts, and spices, and garnished with nuts and coconut. Amans Manjaly Halwa Stall

Aman's Manjaly Halwa Stall

wheet halwa
amans manjaly halwa stall

Aman’s Manjaly Halwa Stall, a pioneer in Halwa manufacture in Manjaly was born from the desire to bring Halwa, a traditional expression of hospitality, to a wider market and to extend the flavor combinations to suit today’s more sophisticated consumer.

Fresh Chips

Aman's chip you’ll ever eat. Because it’s made in coconut oil, there’s no greasy after-effect.

Bakery and Cakes

We specialize in the sale of rich bread, cakes, cupcakes, tea snacks, and cookies.

Dry Fruits.

Buy the finest quality dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and Dates

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Customers Reviews

wheet halwa
Taste and quality of Halwa is unbeatable, Products are good and maintain standards Nice shopkeepers.
Nahala Siddique
I have ordered Rice and Wheat Halwa from Bengaluru, through Online, Aman's send through Courier and we have received it on the third day itself.
Jeevan George
Very sweety and quality variety halwa especially Manjaly Halwa. As a health-conscious, I highly recommended Aman's Manjaly Halwa. They use only natural ingredients.
Nassar K H
wheet halwa

Wheat Halwa

Sooji Wheat with Coconut Milk,
Wheat halwa only available at our shop in Manjaly 


We bring fresh Dates from Saudia and Iran



We believe in quality products only and our major customers are Bakeries, hotels and catering companies, they demand same. We offer an extensive range of Halwa.

amans manjaly halwa
amans manjaly halwa
amans manjaly halwa
wheet halwa
Chilly halwa

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